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If you have difficulty navigating stairs, stairway lifts allow you to access different levels of your home quickly and easily.

At All Access Home Lift, we offer a range of stair lift systems designed to suit your specific needs. Handling both indoor and outdoor applications, we can provide lifts for straight staircases as well as for staircases with landings or turns.

Don't let stairs get in the way of your independence.

Make your home more accessible with a professionally installed and expertly maintained stair lift.

We're proud to offer stair lifts from these two major brands.

- MediTek -- Model 160
- MediTek -- Platinum
- Hawle-Treppenlift -- HW10
- Hawle-Treppenlift -- HW11

As part of our full-service package, we'll examine the area where the stair lift is needed and then help you decide which system is best suited to your needs. Our experts will advise you throughout the entire process to ensure you're satisfied with the results.

If you currently own a stair lift but need maintenance, we're also available to repair and service all brands.

Give us a call today to have a stair lift expert help you determine which lift you need to achieve mobility and independence in your home.

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Stair Lift FAQs

Q: What is a stair lift?
A: A stair lift is a motorized lift designed to carry you up and down the stairs. A moving chair moves along a narrow track attached directly to the steps.

Q: Is my house suitable for a stair lift? Where will it go?
A: Several manufacturers offer a range of versatile products specifically designed to fit conveniently on most staircases. We'll ensure the right fit by assessing your stairway before work begins.

Q: If I don't need to use the stair lift, will I still be able to use the stairs as usual?
A: Yes. Several product options allow the staircase to be used by others when not in use by those who need it.

Q: How long will a chairlift installation take?
A: It varies depending on the type and customization required, but installation generally takes a few hours plus time for instructions and testing.

Q: How will the installation of a chairlift affect my home's d├ęcor?
A: Many manufacturers offer a variety of colors and styles that fit well with most existing interior designs.

Our Stairlifts

Hawle-Treppenlift HW11 Hawle-Treppenlift HW10 MediTek 160 MediTek Platinum

Outdoor Model HW11

  • North America's only outdoor curved stairlift
  • Zinc rail that is imprevious to rust and the elements


Indoor Model HW10

  • Curved stairlift designed for use on staircases with multiple flights, corners and landings.
  • Available in over 200 color choices
  • Reliable, Economical, Powerful


Model 160 - Straight Lift

For homes with a straight flight of stairs, the MediTek straight is rated up to 25st (160kg) is pleasantly styled, easy to use, and exceptionally durable. Available in a range of styles and colors it will make an attractive addition to any home.


Platinum - Curved Lift

Similar to the straight lift but designed for use on staircases with multiple flights, corners and quarter landings.